Panel 8A: The Right Climate Stuff Team on Energy

February 25, 2023 16:15 - 17:45

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Robert Bauman
Gregg Goodnight
Marty Cornell
Tom Moser

From a climate crisis to an energy crisis The Right Climate Stuff Team of scientists and engineers has refocused its efforts from the impact of industrial greenhouse gases to the challenges faced by a transition away from fossil fuels. This session will examine aspects of Net Zero, grid instability from excessive weather-dependent power sources, and the future of nuclear energy. The urgency to educate the public as a key element to mitigate damage from this transition will be emphasized.

Tom Moser will present on “Climate Change Truth and the Path Forward,” Marty Cornell will present on “NetZero: Materially Improbable,” Gregg Goodnight will present on “ERCOT, Winter Storms, and Renewable Power Integration,” and Bob Bauman will present on “The Future of Nuclear Energy.”

Watch this video from a Heartland Climate Conference in 2012 from The Right Climate Stuff team.