Session A

Panel 3A: Is Climate Science Scientific?

February 24, 2023 14:30 - 16:00

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Tom Sheahen, Ph.D.
Howard Hayden, Ph.D.
Kenneth Haapala

Leading off this session, Tom Sheahen will describe the right way to use computer modeling when doing science: A complex model is a collection of hypotheses, based on assumptions.  These models must be verified by comparing the output results with actual measured data Any complex computer model cannot be trusted to carry very far into the future.

Atomic, Molecular and Optical physicist Howard Hayden will discuss that for 31 years the IPCC ignored well established Stefan-Boltzmann law on the radiation emitted from the surface of an object in space. This important law applies to Earth and is widely used in physics and engineering.  It is the law upon which all infrared thermometers work. In 2021, when the IPCC finally recognized the law, the IPCC failed to apply it to its predicted temperatures. If it had done so, the law would show that the predictions from global climate models are wrong.

Using the writings of renown global climate modeler Tim Palmer, Ken Haapala will discuss where all global climate models have assumptions that are wrong. They greatly overestimated the indirect consequences of a doubling of carbon dioxide