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    Monday, July 7

    7:45 PM PDT

    Keynote Addresses

    Joe Bastardi and Hon. Dana Rohrabacher
    Awards to: Sherwood Idso and Willie Soon

    Tuesday, July 8

    8:00 AM PDT

    Keynote Addresses

    Dr. Patrick Moore and John Coleman
    Awards to: Patrick Moore and E. Calvin Beisner

    10:00 AM PDT

    PANEL 1: Climate Change and the Hydrosphere

    Dr. William Kininmonth, Dr. William Gray, and Dr. Roy Spencer (Moderator: Dr. John Dunn)

    PANEL 2: Carbon Taxes and the Social Cost of Carbon

    Ken Haapala, Marlo Lewis, and Dr. David Kreutzer  (Moderator: James Johnston)

    PANEL 3: Combating Climate Myths with Science and Facts

    Tom Harris, James M. Taylor, and Anthony Watts  (Moderator: Norman Rogers)

    11:30 AM PDT

    PANEL 4: NIPCC versus IPCC: Physical Science

    Dr. Willie Soon, Dr. S. Fred Singer, and Dr. Robert Carter  (Moderator: Craig Idso)

    PANEL 5: Who Benefits from Alarmism?

    Ron Arnold, Dr. Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen, and Larry Bell  (Moderator: James Johnston)

    PANEL 6: The Right Climate Stuff

    Thomas Wysmuller, Dr. Hal Doiron, and Walter Cunningham  (Moderator: Leighton Steward)

    1:15 PM PDT

    Keynote Addresses

    Dr. Patrick Michaels and  Hon. George Christensen
    Awards to: Tom Harris and Alan Carlin

    2:45 PM PDT

    PANEL 7: Solar Science and Climate

    Dr. Sebastian Luning, Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov, and Dr. Willie Soon  (Moderator: Dr. Jay Lehr)

    PANEL 8: Costs and Benefits of Renewable Energy

    Dr. Howard Hayden, Steve Goreham, and Marita Noon  (Moderator: Tiffany Roberts)

    PANEL 9: Communicating Climate Change: The Blogosphere

    Marc Morano, Tony Heller, and Russell Cook  (Moderator: Craig Rucker)

    4:15 PM PDT

    PANEL 10: All Things Cold – Ice Age Conditions, the Cryosphere, and the Recent Cold Winters

    Dr. Howard Hayden, Joseph D’Aleo, and Dr. Fred Goldberg  (Moderator: Dr. Craig Idso)

    PANEL 11: Climate Change, Human Health, and Adaptation

    Dr. Craig Loehle, Dr. John Dale Dunn, and Myron Ebell  (Moderator: Samual T. Karnick)

    PANEL 12: International Perspectives on Climate Change

    Lord Christopher Monckton, Hon. Barry Brill, and Dr. Sebastian Luning  (Moderator: Dr. Madhav Khandekar)

    Wednesday, July 9

    8:00 AM PDT

    Keynote Addresses

    Dr. Roy Spencer and Dr. Jay Lehr
    Awards to: Art Robinson and Roy Spencer

    10:00 AM PDT

    PANEL 13: Climate Change, Water, and Human Well Being

    Dr. Jennifer Marohasy, Dr. Nils-Axel Morner, and Dr. S. Fred Singer  (Moderator: Dr. John Dunn)

    PANEL 14: Weather and Climate Change

    Dr. Madhav Khandekar, Joe Bastardi, and Stanley Goldenberg  (Moderator: Paul Driessen)

    PANEL 15: How Reliable Are Temperature Records? Is Global Warming Rapid and Dangerous?

    Anthony Watts and Richard Keen  (Moderator: Norman Rogers)

    11:30 AM PDT

    PANEL 16: NIPCC versus IPCC: Biological Impacts

    Dr. Craig Loehle and Dr. Craig Idso  (Moderator: Craig Rucker)

    PANEL 17: Peer Review, Herding, and the Reliability of Climate Science

    Dr. Patrick Michaels, Dr. Tim Ball, and Dr. Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen  (Moderator: Tom Harris)

    PANEL 18: New Estimates of Climate Sensitivity

    Robert Armstrong, Dr. Anthony Lupo, and Dr. Olavi Karner  (Moderator: Norman Rogers)

    1:00 PM PDT

    Keynote Address

    Lord Christopher Monckton
    Awards to: Fred Singer and Surprise Recipient

    3:00 PM PDT

    PANEL 19: Looking Ahead: Future Climates

    Dr. Don Easterbrook, Willis Eschenbach, and Dr. Terrence Flower  (Moderator: Marlo Lewis)

    PANEL 20: The Global Warming Debate in Australia

    Hon. George Christensen, Dr. Jennifer Marohasy, and Dr. William Kininmonth  (Moderator: Dr. Robert Carter)

    PANEL 21: Global Warming as a Social Movement

    Dr. E. Calvin Beisner, Paul Driessen, and Peter Ferrara  (Moderator: Rep. Pat Garofalo)