Live-Stream Archive

The conference ended on March 24, 2017.

To watch each presentation of this conference, as well as the previous eleven, visit Heartland’s archive page for the International Conferences on Climate Change.

Constitution Ballroom A-B

Breakfast Keynotes
Joseph Bast, Sen. James Inhofe, Jay Lehr, Craig Rucker, Walter Cunningham

Panel 1A: Environmental Economics
Daniel Sutter, Randy Simmons, E. Calvin Beisner (Moderator: S.T. Karnick)

Panel 2A: Fossil Fuels & Human Prosperity
Indur Goklany, Roger Bezdek, Craig Idso (Moderator: Isaac Orr)

Lunch Keynotes
Patrick Michaels, Rep. Lamar Smith

Panel 3A: Fossil Fuels & the Environment
Richard Trzupek, Susan Crockford, Tom Wysmuller (Moderator: H. Sterling Burnett)

Panel 4A: Fossil Fuels & Human Health
John Dale Dunn, James Enstrom, Steve Milloy (Moderator: Isaac Orr)

Dinner Keynotes
Joseph Bast, Robert Mendelsohn, Roger Helmer

FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 2017

Breakfast Keynote
Christopher Monckton: “The End of the Scare”

Panel 5A: Sustainability
Steve Goreham, Paul Driessen, Indur Goklany (Moderator: H. Sterling Burnett)

Panel 6: Resetting Climate Policy
Steve Milloy, Bette Grande, Myron Ebell (Moderator: Isaac Orr)

Lunch Keynotes
Becky Norton Dunlop (award for Sen. Barrasso), William Happer, Joe Bast

Constitution Ballroom C-E

Panel 1B: Climate Science
S. Fred Singer, Don Easterbrook, Willie Soon (Moderator: H. Sterling Burnett)

Panel 2B: Cost-Benefit Analysis & the Social Cost of Carbon
Robert Mendelsohn, Kevin Dayaratna, Ross McKitrick (Moderator: Craig Rucker)

Panel 3B: Fossil Fuels & World Peace
Craig Idso, Dennis Avery, Aaron Stover (Moderator: Isaac Orr)

Panel 4B: Climate Politics & Policy
J. Scott Armstrong, Dennis Hedke, Jay Lehr (Moderator: S.T. Karnick)

FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 2017

Panel 5B: Cost of Alternative Fuels
Benjamin Zycher, James Taylor, Mary Hutzler (Moderator: Isaac Orr)