Session B

Panel 4B: Policy Track, Bast Room – Examining Biden’s Energy and Climate Agenda

October 16, 2021 16:45 - 18:15

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Amy Oliver Cooke
Bette Grande
Steve Milloy
Tim Benson

Amy Oliver Cooke of the John Locke Foundation, Bette Grande of The Heartland Institute, and Steve Milloy of present on how the Biden energy and environment agenda — from canceling the Keystone XL pipeline deal with Canada, to restricting the once-burgeoning fracking industry in the United States — is affecting America’s energy economy.

Cooke’s presentation is titled “Channeling our inner Michael Shellenberger.”

Grande’s presentation is titled “Back in the US, Back in the US, Back in the USSR.”

Milloy’s presentation is titled “Clean electricity performance program, methane, and CO2 taxes.”